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Let's stop those (unintentional) frown lines!

We’re all back to school, to work, and to our hectic daily schedules. The pace has picked up and our faces start to show it. Recently, while practicing yoga, I looked up at the mirror and saw a total stranger staring back at me! Who was this woman with a scowl on her face, a deep wrinkle in her forehead? I was shocked to see what I looked like when I was focused and concentrated. This was yoga after all!

Class ended with one of my favorites—a complete body scan. It goes like this: lying on our yoga mats, the instructor slowly brings attention to each muscle starting with the toes and ending with the head. He/she asks us to release all tension. As I did, I realized I was holding my breath, clenching my jaw. Around the room I could feel the wave of relaxation as we all shifted into Savasana, the resting pose of yoga practice.

There is an incredible power in being mindful, of completely being in the moment and aware of body and mind. It helps make us conscious of the tightness with which we carry ourselves - in our muscles, jaw, neck, forehead – and allows us to prevent repetitive expressions from becoming etched in our skin.


The best cream can only help the appearance of our skin so much; how we live and care for ourselves on a day-to-day basis has a huge effect on our skin... So here are 4 steps to help prevent those squint and frown lines:

1. Mindfulness- release that tension: Take a few minutes every day to do a complete scan of your body. Feel every muscle from head to toe. Where am I holding tension? Am I taking deep breaths? Are my eyes relaxed? My jaw? Is my tongue tensely pressed against the roof of my mouth?

Tip: I love taking evening baths while practicing my mindfulness breathing and tension release. I add in about one pound of Epsom salts, and the magnesium from the salts helps my muscles relax even more.

2. Living in sunny San Diego, sunglasses are a must to prevent squinting and unnecessary facial tension. If you notice you squint and wrinkle your forehead while reading or out in the sun, wearing reading glasses and/or sunglasses can really help relax those straining muscles.

3. Massage your face. In the evening, loosen those tight muscles with a gentle facial massage while washing your face. I often start with the pressure point between my eyes, and then stroke in an upward fashion toward my forehead, then moving in circular motions along my cheeks and chin.

Tip: A major plus of getting a professional facial is the massage.

4. Keep your skin hydrated: A good eye cream is a must. I use Doctor Eckstein Eye Balm Supreme. For something lighter in consistency, try Eye Gel Supreme, and if you want the richest most potent eye product, I recommend Eye Cream Supreme

For timeless beauty, 

Verena Eckstein 

Original Blog Post by Doctor Eckstein®