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Night creams support the skin’s regenerative process during sleep. Rich, nourishing ingredients help the skin recover from the day’s stressors and positively influence its healthy functioning. For beautiful, well-nourished skin in the morning – and for the rest of the day – a night cream should be included as part of a comprehensive skin care regime.

Azulen Micheiweiss (Milk Protein)

Ideal for: Dry, delicate skin

Rich, essential night cream that helps calm and re-balance dry, delicate skin, and skin with a tendency to redness and irritation. Supports the skin’s natural functions and improves its overall condition.

Contains precious oils, milk protein, high grade lanolin, azulene, tocopherol and purified natural beeswax. Dermatologically tested excellent.

Azulen Supreme

Ideal for: Combination, delicate or dry skin

Soothing, gentle cream that moisturises, calms and balances dry and delicate skin, and skin with a tendency towards irritation and redness. Natural moisturising ingredients provide optimal care for a smooth, radiant appearance and well-hydrated skin.

Contains azulene, finest natural oil, panthenol, high grade lanolin and tocopherol. Dermatologically tested excellent.

Biocor Supreme

Ideal for: Mature, demanding skin

Highly concentrated active ingredients that help improve the skin’s suppleness, and counteracts signs of skin fatigue. A powerful anti-oxidant complex helps protect against environmental causes of premature skin ageing.

Contains wheat germ and milk thistle extract, basil, flavonoids, precious oils, panthenol and vitamins A and E.

Calendula Cream

Ideal for: Young or normal skin

Refreshing, balancing cream for softer, smoother skin. Helps maintain and strengthen the skin’s natural functions. Increases the skin’s ability to retain moisture for a supple, fresher looking complexion.

Contains calendula extract, purified natural beeswax, high quality lanolin, natural moisture retaining ingredients, tocopherol and riboflavin.

Carotin Cream

Ideal for Normal skin; Special care all skin types

Refreshing, vitalizing and moisturizing cream. Helps maintain and strengthen the skin’s natural functions. Deeply hydrates the skin and combats dryness. Also recommended for all skin types as a day cream for extra nourishment during cold and dry weather conditions.

Contains carotene, high quality lanolin, natural moisturizers, purified natural beeswax, tocopherol, panthenol, biogenic germ extracts and precious plant oils.

Collagen Supreme

Ideal for: Dry, demanding skin

Rich cream specially formulated to moisturize, smooth and firm the skin. Provides optimal moisturizing benefits to help maintain the skin’s natural balance and protect it from environmental causes of premature skin aging. The skin appears smoother, firmer and more elastic.

Contains marine collagen, cytokines, lanolin, wheat germ extract, tocopherol and natural moisture retaining ingredients.

Krauter (herb) Supreme

Ideal for: Oily or impure skin

Herb-enriched night cream that helps to rebalance oily, impure skin. Visibly reduces pore size and helps prevent future breakouts. Highly concentrated ingredients work to quickly minimize blemishes and seborrhea.

Contains extracts of witch hazel, tormentil and moor as well as allantoin, panthenol and zinc gluconate.

Regeneration Supreme

Ideal for: Mature skin

Moisture rich cream to help regenerate the skin. Combats skin fatigue and the formation of wrinkles; increases suppleness. Supports the skin’s natural functions, improves its ability to retain moisture, and protects against environmental causes of premature skin aging. Also beneficial as a day cream for dry skin conditions.

Contains biogenic germ extracts, precious plant oils, high grade lanolin, vitamin E, retinol, lecithin and natural moisture retaining ingredients.

Repair Supreme

Ideal for: Mature, sun-stressed or damaged skin

Ultra-concentrated, essential cream specially formulated to help repair mature, stressed and sun-damaged skin. Preventively protects against the formation of wrinkles and skin fatigue.  Improves the skin`s ability to retain moisture and helps protect it against environmental causes of premature skin aging.

Contains biogenic germ extracts, pure precious plant oils, high grade lanolin, vitamin E, retinol, lecithin and natural moisture retaining ingredients. Dermatologically tested excellent.

Sensitive Supreme

Ideal for: Sensitive and easily irritated skin

Exceptionally soothing and normalizing cream. Supports the skin’s natural functions, improves its overall condition, and protects it from environmental causes of premature skin aging.

Contains purified natural beeswax, beta-glucan, soy sterols, troxerutin, allantoin, bisabolol and panthenol. No artificial colors. Dermatologically tested excellent.

Ultimate Supreme Night Cream

Ideal for: All skin types

This ultra-rich, nighttime anti-aging powerhouse provides intense support to the skin’s natural regenerative capabilities. Precious ingredients – optimally dosed – enable truly effective beauty sleep: the rich, smooth cream provides the skin what it needs to look refreshed and revitalized in the morning. Wake up to skin that appears smoother and more youthful-looking.

Contains wax from jasmine blossom, Echinacea meristem cell extract, fructose, liposomes, rutin, repair complex, soy sterols, and extracts from milk thistle and tulsi leaf. Dermatologically tested excellent.

Vitamin Supreme

Ideal for: Normal or dry skin; Special care all skin types

A powerful vitamin complex that protects against oxidative stress and environmental causes of premature skin aging. Rehydrates and vitalizes for a visibly smoother, more radiant complexion.  Also recommended for all skin types as a day cream for extra nourishment during cold and dry weather conditions.

Contains vitamins A and E, high quality lanolin, purified natural beeswax and the provitamin beta-carotene.