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Azulene Clear Balance Powder 15gm

Make-up with a Higher Purpose by Doctor Eckstein BioKosmetik® - potent active ingredients ensure the skin doesn’t just look better, it gets better. A 3-in-1 Face Powder that Covers, Clears, Corrects.

This innovative face powder conceals and clears impurities, and prevents further breakouts. Works quickly to clear unsightly blemishes with targeted application.

Silky fine, lightly toned formulation treats impurities, and provides a smoother, more even-toned complexion. Absorbs excess sebum and calms the skin to reduce further breakouts.

A combination of azulene, allantoin, bisabolol, calendula- extract, ichthyol, sulfur and zinc oxide help clear impurities quickly. Natural minerals and modified rice starch absorb excess oil effectively and help prevent blemishes.

Azulen Paste 15ml

Highly concentrated paste for the spot treatment of impurities and blemishes. Improves the skin’s own natural healing abilities and calms the affected areas. Helps to reduce redness and swelling after removal of impurities.

Apply Azulen Paste directly to blemishes and impurities after cleansing and toning. The grey/green colour does stand out, so it is best to use at night. During the day, the paste can be applied thinly to help continue treatment of the affected areas, and the grey/green tinge assists in concealing redness.

Contains azulene, vitamin B complex, vitamins A and E, allantoin, shale oil and zinc oxide. Azulene, which is derived from chamomile flowers, calms the affected areas, the other ingredients help to reduce redness and accelerate healing, dry up impurities, promote scar-free skin regeneration and disinfect blemishes.

Azulen Paste Tinted 15ml

Calming and balancing tinted paste formulated for skin conditions with tendency to impurities. Provides optimal coverage. Helps support the natural regeneration abilities of the skin and improve its normalising and balancing process. Helps to reduce redness and appearance of skin impurities. Promotes a natural, healthy looking skin.

Packaged in a convenient pump bottle, the Tinted Azulen Paste has similar benefits to the original Azulen Paste with a more natural colour so it helps to hide blemishes and blend with your natural skin tone during the day.

Contains azulene, vitamin B complex, viamins A and E, allantoin, shale oil and zinc oxide.

Azulen Balsam 50ml

Mild, rich day cream recommended for delicate and dry skin conditions. Perfectly suited for a skin prone to irritations and redness. The rich formulation soothes and protects effectively. Leaves the skin feeling moist and soft.

Contains azulene, panthenol, precious natural oils and UV filter.

Azulen Cleansing Oil 150ml

Extremely mild oil cleanser for dry and delicate skin conditions. Supports the skin’s protective lipid layer and helps to balance possible tendencies to irritations and redness.

Contains azulene and finest natural oils.

Azulen Lotion 150ml

Gentle facial toner for delicate, sensitive or dry skin conditions. Provides perfect care to refresh the skin and balance possible irritations. Natural moisturizing factors improve moisture retention for a smooth, radiant appearance.

Contains azulene, finest chamomile extract and panthenol.

Azulen Milcheiweiss 50ml

Azulen Milk Protein Cream is a rich, essential night cream for delicate skin conditions. Calms and balances a skin with tendency to redness and irritations. Supports the natural skin functions and improves its overall condition.

Contains precious oils, milk protein, high grade lanolin, azulene, tocopherol and natural beeswax.

Azulen Packung (Mask) 50ml

Kamillen (Chamomile) Azulen facial pack for sensitive skin conditions with tendency to redness and irritations. Contains effective active ingredients to calm and balance the skin and relieve of possible redness and irritations. Leaves the skin feeling smooth, balanced and hydrated.

Contains precious oils, azulene and nourishing natural oils.

Azulen Supreme 50ml

Rich night cream for delicate skin conditions. Provides optimal care to ease and calm the skin and to balance possible irritations. Natural moisturizing factors help to give a smooth, radiant appearance, leaving the skin feel balanced and hydrated.

Contains azulene, finest natural oil, panthenol, high grade lanolin and tocopherol.