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Repair Balsam 50ml

Ultra-concentrated essential balm. Protects against harmful environmental influences, moisturises and supports the skin’s natural repair mechanisms. Helps prevent premature ageing and the formation of wrinkles. The skin appears more supple and nourished. Works well as a make-up base.

Contains soy extract, oligopeptides, phytosterols and vitamin A, vitamin E and UV filter. Dermatologically tested excellent.

Repair Complex 30ml

A highly concentrated complex to help counteract the signs of skin fatigue.  Increases the skin’s ability to retain moisture for a smoother complexion and less visible fine lines and wrinkles. Supports the skin’s natural functions, while protecting against premature skin ageing due to environmental causes. Results in smoother, more even-toned and radiant skin.

Contains Repair Complex made from soya, oligopeptides and oxidation  protection, vitamins A + E and wheat germ extract. Free of perfume oils and essential oils. Dermatologically tested excellent.

Repair Packung (Mask) 50ml

Ultra-rich, essential, creamy facial pack. Helps the skin retain moisture, improves suppleness, and counteracts signs of skin fatigue. Helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Powerful antioxidants help protect the skin from signs of premature aging caused by harmful effects of the environment.

Contains soy extract, natural protection factors, oligopeptides, and phytosterols. Dermatologically tested excellent.

Repair Supreme 50ml

Ultra-concentrated, essential cream specially formulated to help repair mature, stressed and sun-damaged skin. Preventively protects against the formation of wrinkles and skin fatigue.  Improves the skin`s ability to retain moisture and helps protect it against environmental causes of premature skin ageing.

Contains biogenic germ extracts, pure precious plant oils, high grade lanolin, vitamin E, retinol, lecithin and natural moisture retaining ingredients.  Dermatologically tested excellent.