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Professional Use Only products and treatments

Doctor Eckstein understands that the best results are achieved by providing tailored, specific treatments.  Our range of skin care designed exclusively for use by qualified skin care professionals are formulated to provide best possible results in achieving and maintaining naturally beautiful skin. The effects and benefits of these treatments are complemented by the use of appropriate retail products at home.  

Full training in product use and contraindications is provided.

Ferment Schälung

Ferment Schälung is an exfoliant based on natural enzymes suitable for all skin types.  It gently removes the outer layer of skin, refines the surface profile, and improves the absorption of subsequent products.

A mixture of digestive enzymes hydrolyzes fats, carbohydrates and proteins is combined with elementary sulphur which has a keratolytic effect and supports the lysis process. 

Serums (Ampoules)

Doctor Eckstein BioKosmetik® offers a range of nine concentrated, highly effective face serums that address individual and specific skincare needs for professional treatments.

Double Eye Care

Two powerful products for the sensitive, delicate eye area.  

Face Lifting Duo

Highly specialised, potent duo for mature or demanding skin conditions.  Provides skin-activating and tightening benefits. 

Vitamin C Contourlift Modellage

Our newest highlight is ideal for combining with other active ingredients and massage creams.  A beauty boosting professional treatment for achieving more naturally vibrant skin.


Universal massage cream appropriate for all treatments.