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Active Concentrates are intensive treatments specifically created for any individual skin condition. High concentrations of active ingredients maximize normalization of the skin and provide optimal care while enhancing the skin‘s natural protection capabilities from daily stress and damaging environmental influences.

Silk AHA Liposome Complex

Skin-refining liposome gel for a visibly smooth and revitalized complexion.  The citrus-scented get improves the moisture content of the skin, and supports the skin's natural exfoliation process.

Collagen Complex

Collagen enriched gel designed to hydrate and nourish demanding skin conditions. High concentrated active ingredients improve the skin’s texture and help to protect from the environmental causes of premature aging.

Hyaluron Complex

Refreshing, moisturizing concentrate for dry and dehydrated skin conditions. Super hydrating formula improves skin’s moisture content and improves its texture and elasticity. Makes the skin feeling pleasantly soft and smooth.

Impure Complex

Rich essential concentrate recommended for oily skin conditions with tendency to impurities, acne or seborrhoea. It normalizes and balances oily skin leaving the skin feel toned, refined and radiant.

Escin Liposome Complex

Visibly rejuvenating, anti-ageing gel based on liposomes and antioxidants.  Supports the skin's natural protection against stress and premature ageing.

Repair Complex

Rich, essential concentrate for mature or sun stressed skin conditions. High concentrated active ingredients help to energize and revitalize the skin’s natural functions. Continuously used, it helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Sensitive Complex

Mild, soothing gel designed for ultra sensitive, delicate skin conditions with tendency to redness, irritations or teleangiectasia. Rich essential ingredients calm the skin and help to restore and maintain the skin’s natural balance.

Ultimate Supreme Aronia Concentrate

An antioxidant-rich concentrate offering advanced skin protection. Prevents premature skin aging caused by environmental stressors, including sun exposure, and supports the skin’s natural function and regenerative ability. Combines well with other products, absorbs quickly. The skin appears smoother, more supple and radiant. Suitable for all skin types.

Vitamin Complex

Concentrate for skin conditions lacking in essential vitamins. Enriched with a powerful vitamin complex it provides intensive protection from damaging effects of weather, climate, and other environmental factors.