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Day Creams

The daily use of a good moisturizer – designed specifically for your skin’s needs – helps provide exceptional balance, hydration and protection. Our day balms are formulated to suit all skin types using highest quality natural ingredients for optimal skin compatibility and best possible results.

Azulen Balsam

Ideal for: Dry and delicate skin

Gentle day balm to calm, soothe and protect the skin. Supports the skin’s natural barrier, and improves the skin’s appearance and texture. Highest quality, natural moisturizing ingredients ensure a well-hydrated, smoother and more balanced complexion. Works well as a make-up base.

Contains azulene, panthenol, highest quality natural oils. Dermatologically tested excellent.

Bluten (Blossom) Balsam

Ideal for: Young, normal and combination skin

Lightweight balm that helps improve the skin’s ability to retain moisture. Helps young skin look its best and protects against premature skin aging due to the environment. Works well as a make-up base.

Contains highest quality, natural moisture retaining ingredients, finest oils, retinol and tocopherol.

Carotin Balsam

Ideal for: Normal skin

A lightweight, refreshing balm with the scent of citrus. Highly moisturizing and effective at reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Protects the skin against oxidation and premature skin-aging. Helps skin feel smoother and softer with a touch of color for a healthy glow.

Contains jojoba oil, carotene, fructose, glycerin and highest quality moisture retaining ingredients.

Collagen Balsam

Ideal for: Dry, demanding skin 

Intensely moisturizing, highly concentrated balm. Restores and maintains the skin‘s moisture level for greater elasticity. A potent combination of active ingredients supports and protects the skin against environmental causes of premature aging. Provides powerful protection against wrinkles and leaves the skin feeling smooth and supple.

Contains marine collagen, natural moisture retaining ingredients, cytokines and high grade natural oils.

Krauter (Herb) Balsam

Ideal for: Oily or impure skin

Lightweight clarifying herbal balm with highly concentrated ingredients. Helps minimize and prevent blemishes in skin tending to acne and seborrhea, and refines pores. Works exceptionally well as a make-up base.

Contains extracts of witch hazel, tormentil, moor mud, zinc gluconate and panthenol.

Repair Balsam

Ideal for: Mature, sun-stressed skin

Ultra-concentrated essential balm. Protects against harmful environmental influences, moisturizes and supports the skin’s natural repair mechanisms. Helps prevent premature aging and the formation of wrinkles. The skin appears more supple and nourished. Works well as a make-up base.

Contains soy extract, oligopeptides, phytosterols and vitamin A, vitamin E and UV filter. Dermatologically tested excellent.

Sensitive Balsam

Ideal for: Delicate, ultra-sensitive skin

Our most gentle and soothing balm for highly sensitive skin with a tendency to redness and irritation. Absorbs quickly, acts to calm and balance the skin. Protects against harmful effects of the environment and premature skin-aging.  Works well as a make-up base.

Contains natural moisture retaining ingredients, betaglucan, troxerutin, panthenol, bisabolol and allantoin.  Dermatologically tested excellent.

Tinted Day Balsam

Ideal for: All skin types

Lightly tinted, moisturizing day balm. Improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture for a smoother, more even-toned complexion. Protects against premature skin aging. Provides healthy, natural looking coverage.

Contains tocopherol, retinol, panthenol, wheat germ extract, natural oils, and natural moisture retaining ingredients.

Ultimate Supreme Day Balm

Ideal for: All skin types

This daytime superhero provides intense anti-aging care against fine lines and wrinkles. The smooth, silky balm combines the benefits of cutting edge science with the gentle effectiveness of high quality natural ingredients. It significantly increases the skin’s ability to retain moisture; helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; and combats the formation of new ones. Highly skin compatible, this balm absorbs easily for a silky soft touch. 

Contains wax from jasmine blossom, hyaluronic acid, oligopeptides, soy sterols, liposomes, milk peptide complex, Echinacea meristem cell extract, mica, titanium dioxide, vitamin A and E. Dermatologically tested excellent.