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Facial Masks

Facial packs help intensify the positive effects of your skin care regime and transport active ingredients into deeper layers of the skin.  Facial packs can be used alone or in combination for targeted treatments.

Collagen Packung

Ideal for: Dry, demanding skin; Beautiful ageing

Intensely moisturising facial pack with highly concentrated active ingredients. Improves the skin`s texture and protects against signs of early ageing caused by environmental factors.  Leaves the skin feeling smooth, hydrated and supple.

Contains marine collagen, cytokine complex and wheat germ extract.

Kamillen Azulen Packung (Chamomile)

Ideal for: Dry, delicate skin

Soothing, creamy facial pack with calming ingredients that moisturise and normalise the skin. Helps prevent redness and irritation for a smoother looking, more balanced complexion. 

Contains azulene, bisabolol, chamomile-extract and panthenol. Dermatologically tested excellent.

Moor Krauter Packung (Herbal Mud Mask)

Ideal for: Oily or impure skin

Specially formulated to help clarify and balance large pored, oily or impure skin and skin prone to acne or seborrhoea.  Helps reduce breakouts by unclogging pores. Select ingredients can help impurities resolve more quickly, and aids the skin’s ability to regenerate for a more even-toned and smooth complexion.

Contains moor extract, peru balsam, zinc gluconate, panthenol, tormentil and witch hazel- extract.

Repair Packung

Ideal for: Mature, sun-stressed or -damaged skin; Beautiful ageing

Ultra-rich, essential, creamy facial pack. Helps the skin retain moisture, improves suppleness, and counteracts signs of skin fatigue. Helps minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Powerful antioxidants help protect the skin from signs of premature ageing caused by harmful effects of the environment.

Contains soy extract, natural protection factors, oligopeptides, and phytosterols. Dermatologically tested excellent.

Sensitive Packung

Ideal for: Sensitive, delicate skin

Our most gentle facial pack that moisturises, smooths and balances the skin.

Contains beta-glucan, troxerutin, panthenol, bisabolol and allantoin. Free of perfume, essential oils and alcohol.  Dermatologically tested excellent.

Vitamin Packung

Ideal for: Normal or dry skin; Special care all skin types

Vitalizing and refreshing facial pack to help prevent the appearance of dull, tired skin and to protect against signs of early aging due to environmental factors. Recommended for all skin types as extra nourishment during cold weather conditions.

Contains carotene and vitamins A and E and nourishing natural oils.