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Doctor Eckstein Body Care

With our body care products you will feel happy in your own skin every day. Natural oils and waxes care for and ensure a delicate, soft feeling on the skin. Effective antioxidants make your skin strong against harmful environmental influences. Precious extracts from plants and fruits regulate the moisture balance of your skin, refine, refresh and invigorate it. 

Beautipharm® Body Balm Orange

Ideal for: All skin types

The light balm is quickly absorbed by the skin, provides intensive moisture and improves the moisture content of the skin. Valuable jojoba oil cares for the skin sustainably, it feels wonderfully soft and supple..

Contains jojoba oil, moisturizing ingredients, and extracts from citrus fruits. Free of artificial fragrance.

Rich & Silky Body Butter

Ideal for: All skin types

Exceptionally rich, high-quality body butter for an intensive moisturising treatment. Highly skin compatible with anti-ageing skin benefits. Absorbs quickly for velvety-smooth feeling skin. Ideal to use after bath or shower. Refreshing natural aroma oils indulge the body and senses.

Contains fruit extracts from blueberry, sugar cane, citrus, orange, sugar maple, sorbitol, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, jasmine sambac wax, vitamins A and E, lemongrass oil, orange oil, mint oil. Free of artificial fragrances.

Beautipharm® Hand Cream Citrus

Ideal for: All skin types

The rich hand cream absorbs quickly, provides intensive moisture and protects the skin from drying out. It strengthens the skin barrier and protects the skin from moisture loss. Rough and brittle hands are cared for and feel soft to the touch. That is why it is also an ideal companion in the cold season. Also suitable for sensitive skin..

With vitamin E acetate, sorbitol, agave sugar and fruit extracts from sugar cane, blueberries, maple and citrus fruits.

Beautipharm® Body Oil Orange

Ideal for: All skin types

Selected vitamins intensively care for the skin and support the skin's own protection. The oil absorbs quickly and leaves a silky sheen. Valuable oils from soybean and orange care for the skin over the long term and make the skin feel comfortably warm, supple and relaxed..

With vitamins A + E, soybean and orange oil.

Beautipharm® Shower Gel Orange

Ideal for: All skin types

With a fresh, fruity scent of oranges, the mild shower and bath gel relaxes and invigorates skin and senses. It cleans thoroughly but gently without drying out the skin. It gives a fresh, clean and well-groomed skin feeling..

With panthenol, glycerin, orange oil and fruit extracts from sugar cane, blueberries, maple and citrus fruits.

Limited Edition Creamy Hand Pack

Dry and stressed hands are intensely cared for with this rich and creamy hand pack. The moisturizing formulation soothes and strengthens the skin. The comforting scent of lavandin and orange oil helps to relax the senses, and leaves the skin of your hands feeling velvety soft.

With bisabolol, sorbitol, chamomile extract, lavandin and orange oil.

Nail & Cuticle Oil

A nail oil for intensive care of nails and cuticles. The oil improves suppleness and gives the nails a more beautiful and well-groomed appearance. It protects against drying out and helps prevent dry, brittle nails.

The nail oil, which smells pleasantly of vanilla, is easy to apply and distribute. It absorbs quickly and leaves no oily film on nails and fingers. Also ideal for the care of dry, easily brittle nails and brittle cuticles.

With lanolin, soya oil, jasmine sambac wax, beeswax, phytosterol complex from soya and fructose.