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After cleansing, a facial toner is an essential step in restoring the skin’s natural balance.  It soothes and calms the skin, helps facilitate better absorption of moisturisers, and enhances the effectiveness of subsequent treatments. 

Adstringent Lotion

Ideal for combination, oily, or impure skin

Specialized facial toner that effectively removes excess sebum, prevents blemishes and refines pores.

Contains tormentil extract and zinc gluconate. Free of perfume and essential oils.

Azulen Lotion

Ideal for delicate or dry skin

Gentle and calming, this toner hydrates, soothes, and balances the skin. Most effective when used in combination with Azulene Cleansing Oil.

Contains azulene, chamomile extract, and panthenol. Dermatologically tested excellent.

Hamamelis Lotion

Ideal for oily or impure skin.

Intensively clarifying facial toner for blemished or oily skin. Refines pores and rapidly diminishes impurities. Apply undiluted to blemished areas, or broadly to the face with a pre-moistened pad.

Contains witch hazel and tormentilla extract, camphor and salicylic acid. Free of perfume and essential oils.


Ideal for normal or young skin

Refreshes and revitalizes with natural essential oils. Gently removes cleanser residue and leaves the skin hydrated. Helps restore the skin’s natural balance.

Contains lavender and orange essential oils.

Lotion Supreme

Ideal for dry and mature skin

Refreshes and hydrates the skin, restores its natural balance after cleansing. Clarifies and gently refines the skin’s texture.

Contains precious natural moisturising ingredients, wheat germ extract, allantoin and finest silk protein hydrolysate.

Sensitive Lotion

Ideal for delicate or ultra-sensitive skin

Our mildest facial toner that moisturises and helps re-balance the skin – including skin that is easily irritated or tends to redness. May be used with the dermatological condition teleangiectasias (spider veins).

Contains beta-glucan, troxerutin, panthenol, bisabolol and allantoin.  Free of added fragrance, essential oils and alcohol.  Dermatologically tested excellent.