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Professional Use Only Serums

Years of research at Doctor Eckstein BioKosmetik® have produced a line of highly effective face serums that address individual and specific skincare needs.  These carefully crafted serums treat all skin types and conditions – normal, dry, oily, or combination, blemished or large-pored, sensitive or mature – with exceptional results. Ingredients are carefully selected for their skin tolerance and skin physiological qualities.

Glass ampoules seal and protect the pure ingredients from external contaminants. High-quality biogenic germ extracts and plant-based oils provide an extra dose of premium skin care for your clients. Measuring 2ml per ampoule, these serums have been tested and proven effective over many years of use by professionals.  All serums are free of synthetic dyes, mineral- and silicone oil.

The effects and benefits of these treatments are complemented by the use of appropriate retail products at home.  

Full training in product use and contraindications is provided.

Doctor Eckstein BioKosmetik® offers nine concentrated formulas for professional treatments. Select the appropriate ampoule based on skin type, season, and individual skincare needs of your client:

AZULENE SERUM Ideal for: Dry, delicate / sensitive skin.  A gentle and restorative essential serum for delicate or dry skin. Suitable for skin with a tendency to redness or irritation. A rich blend of azulene, chamomile extract and panthenol helps calm, hydrate, and balance the skin for a smoother, more even-toned complexion.   

BIO KOLLOID SERUM Ideal for: Mature, dry skin; Beautiful ageing.  Highly concentrated serum for demanding, mature, dry or irritated skin. Ultra-nourishing protection against premature skin ageing. Supports the skin’s natural functions and helps it achieve a healthy glow and more youthful appearance.

COLLAGEN SERUM Ideal for: Dry, demanding and mature skin.  Rich, essential serum for demanding and moisture-depleted skin. Protects against factors leading to premature ageing,  and hydrates the skin for a visibly smoother complexion.  Forms a protective film; hydrates the skin deeply and improves moisture retention.

DECRUSTIN SERUM Ideal for: Most skin types.  Concentrated serum for deep cleansing of most skin types, especially seborrheic-prone, uneven, thick or leathery skin.  Helps to prevent the formation of large pores and breakouts, while maintaining the skin’s natural balance. Leaves skin clean and free of excess sebum, cell debris, and grime.

HYALURON SERUM Ideal for: Normal, dry, delicate, sensitive or demanding skin.  Rich in active ingredients based on hyaluronic acid for the treatment and prevention of wrinkles.  Ideal care for dehydrated, dry and demanding skin. Hydrates, strengthens the barrier, plumps and smooths the skin. Distribute evenly to clean, dry skin. Avoid contact with the eyes. An ideal base for packs and massages, or as the conclusion to a facial treatment. Shake before use – for external use only.

IMPURE SKIN SERUM Ideal for: Oily or impure skin.  Extract-rich, potent serum to balance oily, large pored skin prone to acne or seborrhea. Helps normalise oily skin, refine follicles and prevent blemishes. Helps refine pores, minimise impure skin conditions, and restore skin’s natural balance.  Free of fragrance, essential oils, and alcohol.

REGENERATION SERUM Ideal for: Mature, demanding skin; Beautiful ageing.  Concentrated emulsion of active ingredients for mature, demanding, and stressed skin conditions. Rejuvenates and supports the skin’s natural functions and helps protect against environmental causes of premature aging. Promotes smooth, supple skin for a visibly improved complexion.

REPAIR SERUM Ideal for: Mature, sun-stressed or damaged skin; Beautiful ageing.   A highly concentrated, active ingredient complex for mature or sun-damaged skin. Helps prevent wrinkles and combat signs of premature skin aging caused by environmental stressors. Supports the skin’s natural functions, improves moisture retention and texture. The skin feels silky smooth and supple for a more youthful appearance.