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That Very First Wrinkle...


To a physicist, time may stand still. One look in the mirror for us, however, reveals a very different reality: the appearance of that first wrinkle tells us that our skin’s elasticity and tone has begun to diminish.  At about the same time, our sebaceous and sweat glands become less active resulting in increasingly dry, dull skin. This dryness is often made worse by external influences causing the skin to feel stretched and tight: the time of demanding, dry skin has arrived.


To maintain a healthy and glowing complexion at any age, we recommend skin care that moisturizes and nourishes. Not only does this help prevent wrinkles, but helps maintain a youthful glow as well.


Collagen is the substance of choice for combatting dry skin and wrinkles. It is especially effective when combined with a milk-peptide complex with special moisturizing properties, which you will find in our Doctor Eckstein Collagen Products


This is a great conversation to have with my mom, Iris Eckstein. She manages to balance the demands of family and work and still looks beautiful and rested. Here’s what she has to share:

Q: During both cold and warm weather, the skin loses moisture. How do you support your skin in these conditions?  

IE: In cold weather, I use Collagen Supreme as my wind and weather “protection” cream. As the days get warmer, I switch to a lighter cream and drink lots of fluids to compensate for the loss of moisture. My favorite refreshment is lemon juice in a glass of sparkling water.

Q: The skin is the mirror to the soul. How does your skin mirror your soul?

IE: This is very true. One of the worst things for your skin is harmful stress and I do my best to avoid it. In this hectic world, it helps to take a break, which I do by going for a walk or a jog on the beach with my dog. Overall, I try to focus on a balance of positive stress and enjoying periods of relaxation to maintain a healthy complexion.

Q: What’s your rejuvenating guilty pleasure? 

IE: I don’t watch a lot of TV, but when I do you’ll find me at home catching up on a German Krimi with a Collagen Mask on my face and dark chocolate in my hand! Underneath the mask I always apply our Hyaluronic Acid Active Concentrate for an extra moisture boost.

For more than 65 years, we’ve been on a mission to help preserve the skin’s natural beauty. Our skin care products combine the benefits of science with the gifts of nature in heartfelt service to beautiful skin of any age.

For a lifetime of healthy, beautiful skin,

Verena Eckstein

Original Blog Post by Doctor Eckstein®